Our Security For your Safety

S Jayvinder Singh, Group CEO

With the dawn of new millennium and the challenges of globalization, service providers in developing nations are faced with the challenge to complete and excel in a liberalized market place. Service providers are to increase and regenerate their service in line with the expectation of the customers.
In the new century, private security organizations are moving towards a new professionalism. This call comes not only from the Ministry of Home Affairs but also from the Consumers Association of Malaysia. The security Service Association of Malaysia and industry leaders have begun to express concerns over the lack of regulation of the industry. A situation that leads to cutting corners and lowering standard to meet the competitive threat, license franchisers which has been main cause of lack of services in the industry as the rate are reduced and the guards would fall victim of low wages & be demoralized to discharge their duties.

We, at Team Guards Security, firmly believe that in order to meet and exceed our customer’s requirement and expectation, we need to build our organization around the concept of Customer Relation Management (CRM).
In a nutshell, CRM gives priority to the needs of the customers to ensure total satisfaction. Training and education of our security guards is the foundation of quality service.
In order for security services to be effective, security personnel should be given proper orientation on the SOP and properly trained on their basic duties and responsibilities. Daily roll calls and work schedule should be conducted on proper protocols. They should be able to respond to all emergencies and situations firmly and effectively. The welfare of the guards should be properly looked into and with that a security personnel work with a proper mind set.

All guards at Team Guards Security are given the required basic training prior to deployment and they are also given refresher courses from time to time. Employees who show potential are given advanced training with a view to hold-increased responsibilities and with a possibility of being promoted to higher ranks, which will motivate them to work harder, be more responsible and committed while discharging their duty as there is space to grow in Team Guards Security.

We have an uncompromising ambition to meet the specific demands of every customer. Our team installs Creative and Flexible Security Solutions. We have formed one of the best trained and thoroughly professional workforces in the industry mainly servicing residential areas.
All my division provides a Superior Service using well directed, motivated, and trained Security Managers Officers and Guards.
We never compromise on the quality and standards of our service and guards. Security strategies can only be effective if it is designed by Security Specialist who has vast experiences and can understand your needs, detect security weakness and offer you the right solution.

Meticulous attention is given in conducting Security Assessments to evaluate the threats and risks found in the all areas and from here we study and formulated a proposal to counter the threats and risks by changing the physical structure, Security SOP and recommendations of suitable Security Equipment and Personnel.
Lastly, I would like to inform your good self that Security is not an expense, it is an investment against loss.